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Risk Management

Risk Management

Groupwide Risk Management Structure 

The SCREEN Group has established a Groupwide risk management structure wherein the holding company’s President acts as the topmost risk manager and the presidents of each business operating and functional support company, officers in charge of each division, and the presidents of domestic and overseas Group companies.


Group companies act as risk management officers, with the CSR Promotion Department serving as the secretariat. Each department and Group company works within the risk management PDCA cycle to identify, evaluate, and then formulate and execute countermeasures to risks in categories including human rights, compliance, labor, safety and the environment, finance, security export controls, information security, and quality.





Appropriate Information Management

The SCREEN Group has amended its Rules for Management of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets to facilitate appropriate information management according to common rules within the Group under the holding company structure. The amended rules have been adopted by the Group companies. Information is managed and used in accordance with these rules and the Rules for Information Security Management.
We also place priority on employee training. In addition to distributing Japanese-, English- and Chinese-language versions of our Trade Secrets Management Standards as well as the Securing Confidential Information and Trade Secrets Handbook, we administer information management and security training via e-learning and other channels.



Managing Trade Secrets

The SCREEN Group has established Groupwide methods and internal rules regarding the management of trade secrets as well as usage standards. These measures, which are applied across all processes, facilitate the appropriate management and use of trade secrets and prevent leaks. Trade secrets received from outside the Group are also managed and used in accordance with these internal rules and standards.
To ensure thorough, effective trade secret management, we work to educate Group employees through classes, e-learning and other training and by distributing the Securing Confidential Information and Trade Secrets Handbook.



Business Continuity Management (BCM)

The SCREEN Group has positioned Business Continuity Management as a key CSR issue, and is currently developing and reinforcing a structure in preparation for natural disasters and other emergencies. It thereby seeks to minimize damage and ensure the continuation and early resumption of business operations when such events occur.



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Performance Report

CSR performance report is available in the Annual Report. 


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