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CSR Management

Under our Corporate Philosophy of “Sharing the Future,” “Human Resource Development,” and “the Pursuit of Technology,” we aim to secure the overall benefit of shareholders and all stakeholders.
  • •Reducing CO2 Emissions from Business Activities
  • •CO2 Emissions and Emissions per Unit of Weight of Product Shipment
  • •Electricity Used
  • •Reducing CO2 Emissions from Logistics Operations

Based on our Corporate Philosophy, we have established the SCREEN Group CSR Charter, which includes a Code of Conduct that describes the SCREEN Group’s principles of action.

  • •Reducing Waste
  • •Responding to Chemical Substance Regulations
  • •Water Used

We have established a Groupwide risk management structure to reduce risks that could have a serious impact on the Group’s management.

  • •Environmental Protection
  • •Responsibility to Customers
  • •Reducing CO2 Emissions from the Use of Our Products
  • •Green Printing Certification
  • •New Standard for Assessing Environmental Performance
We advance initiatives based on our three strategic themes of environmental conservation, occupational safety, and health management.

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