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Semiconductor Equipment

Overview of CO2 Emissions from Semiconductor Production Equipment

More than 90% of Emissions Occur during Customer Use

   We are working to reduce total CO2 emissions: during customer use and resource procurement through environmentally friendly design; during production through fuel conversion and other capital investments (include Company-owned vehicles and those used for community through eco-cars ); and in logistics through modal shifts.

Breakdown of CO2 Emissions over the Semiconductor Production Equipment Life Cycle


Scope: Production sites in Japan as well as overseas Group companies that have received environmental management system certification and are involved in the Semiconductor  equipment business (the present SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd., Tech In Tech Co., Ltd., FASSE Co., Ltd., and Quartz Lead Co., Ltd.)

*1 Based on average unit CO2 emission from “Materials Production Stage” in our Product LCA Application Criteria.

*2 Calculated using the following formula:
Distance travelled ÷ Gas mileage × Unit CO2 emission

*3 CO2 emissions from principal models, including past shipments (from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001), over a single fiscal year (electricity only) calculated based on SEMI S23.

*4 For CO2 conversion factors, utility power is used at the stage of “production” and utility power at our manufacturing sites at the stage of “customer use.”



Measuring Products' Energy Saving Effects and Working to Make Products More Energy-Efficient

Based on the energy consumption calculations using SEMI*5 S23,*6 we identify where utility use needs to be cut back and work to reduce energy consumption.


Energy Saving sof Single Wafer Cleaning Equipment*7

Singl Wafer Cleaning Equipment Energy Reduction


*5 SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International): An international industry organization serving the companies that manufacture products, provide materials and offer services related to semiconductors, displays, nanoscale structures, MEMS and other technologies.

*6 SEMI S23: Guide for conservation of energy, utilities and materials used by semiconductor production equipment.

*7 Comparison of annual energy consumption calculated per wafer on the basis of surface area, with the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001 set as a baseline (=100%).


List of green products

 Certified Mar. 2014

 Certified Aug 2012

 Certified Feb 2012

 Certified Sep 2011

   (RCA cleaning tool)

Certified Feb 2007

Certified Dec 2006

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