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Graphic Arts Equipment

Making Products More Energy Efficient

Reducing CTP Power Consumption

We are working to reduce CTP (plate recorder)*1 power consumption*2.

*1 Computer To Plate. Design data is sent directly from a computer for printing.

*2 Power consumption per plate (computed as productivity per hour). a = The number of plates processed in one hour


Reducing CTP (Plate Recorder) Power Consumption

Reducng CTP Power Consumption


Calculation conditions: Room temperature of 25℃. Ambient temperature affects power consumption. The above-stated values do not represent guarantees.



Reducing Inkjet Printer CO2 Emissions

On the Truepress Jet520 digital inkjet printer, we have reduced CO2 emissions by 55% compared with conventional processes. The Truepress Jet520ZZ printer reduces emissions a further 21%.

Reducing CO2 Emissions with the TruepressJet520 Digital Inkjet Printer

Graph: Reducing CO2 Emissions with the TruepressJet520 Digital Inkjet Printer

*3 Print On Demand. Printing precisely the required number of copies, exactly when needed (the minimum number required). Referred to as “plateless,” as data is printed directly to paper, requiring no printing plate.

*4 According to Dainippon Screen's research. Comparison of 1,000 printed copies.


List of green products


Large Format CtP
4-Up/6-Up CtP
8-Up CtP

Certified Mar. 2010

Thermal CtP Recorder

Certified Nov. 2007

  • Thermal CtP Recorder PlateRite 8800 E/S/Z/ZX
Flexo/Letterpress CtP
Newspaper CtP

Digital Printing

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