AT-i2000UV UV inkjet printing system for aluminum rolls

Improved traceability of individual PTP pharmaceutical packages

The AT-i2000UV inkjet system allows any information to be added to PTP aluminum rolls following gravure printing. This new technology answers a wide range of industry needs, including the ability to print high-value 2D barcodes and text on single PTP sheets. It also helps to drive down production costs for drug samples.

■ More efficient production of pharmaceutical samples
■ Add-on printing of high-value 2D barcodes, text and other information
■ Multi-language printing compliant with international regulations


Rapid, high-precision printing

This system can handle PTP aluminum rolls with a printable width of up to 320 mm. It is also able to perform simultaneous printing using black and white inks.

Stable transfer of aluminum foil

An EPC unit eliminates meandering during feeding of aluminum foil.

Inks optimized for OP agents

UV inks provide outstanding adhesion after heat sealing, helping to maintain stable print quality.

Easier operation

A user-friendly interface design allows any operator to create print settings with ease.

High-precision inspection

The system is equipped with a rewindable inspection unit. As well as providing highly accurate inspection, the unit enables the smooth removal of rejected items.

AT-i2000UV applications