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On January 24, 2020, SCREEN Group has established the emergency management headquarters headed by Toshio Hiroe, CEO located in their Japanese headquarters, responding to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) which is classified by the Japanese government as a designated infectious disease. The company has also established local management headquarters in their bases inside and outside Japan. These headquarters continue taking the necessary measures, gathering information and confirming the infection status of their employees and related parties.
The safety of our clients, employees and stakeholders as well as prevention of infections inside and outside the company are of utmost importance to us. We will continue to work responsibly in providing our products and services within our ongoing business operations. We sincerely hope for the kind understanding and cooperation of all related parties.

Measures taken by the SCREEN Group (as of March 22,​​​​​​ 2022)

1.Work/operations system

  • We are continuing to encourage telecommuting measures, such as working from home at all of our business locations.
  • We are working to maintain operations at our development and production facilities while ensuring the utmost measures are taken to prevent the spread of infection.

2.  Other measures to prevent the spread of infection

  • Monitoring of the health of individual employees and the people they live with (each morning, employees check their body temperature and overall condition, and respond to the e-mails issued by the Group’s automated health tracking system)
  • Strict observance of mask wearing protocols while commuting and working on-site
  • Use of hand sanitizer when entering and while inside business facilities, as well as before and after meals
  • Careful selection by employees of when to leave their home/office or make business trips (consideration of the use of an on-line system to handle these situations)
  • Recommend online meetings whenever possible over face-to-face meetings
  • Establishment of satellite offices
  • Avoidance of participation in meetings/gatherings involving eating and drinking

Status of infections in our group

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