Doc. No.: NR180131-2E

Kyoto, Japan - January 31, 2018 - SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has concluded a basic agreement to establish a new company in Changshu, China with Taitoh Machinery Shanghai Co., Ltd. and Tri-Diamond Intelligent Technology (Changshu) Co., Ltd. The joint management company, SCREEN FT Changshu Co., Ltd., will manufacture production equipment for the display and energy device fields and will be positioned as a subsidiary of SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd., a core member of the SCREEN Group. The company is due to begin operation in October and is expected to strengthen SCREEN's manufacturing network in the Chinese market.

In recent years, the display industry has seen highly favorable improvements in sales of devices such as large size LCD televisions, smartphones and tablets in China. Investment in rechargeable batteries and fuel cells has also grown particularly strongly in the country, in response to the movement toward electric vehicles. This has created an urgent need to set up streamlined, high-performance networks to manufacture the production equipment required by the two fields.
Once it is established, SCREEN FT Changshu will perform manufacturing in China of the production equipment handled by SCREEN Finetech Solutions. The creation of the subsidiary is expected to significantly expand its parent company's current manufacturing capacity. This growth will help SCREEN to deliver the cost reductions and quality improvements desired by local customers, and is part of its ongoing plan to increase satisfaction in the market.
The SCREEN Group intends to maintain its proactive investment in both the display and energy device industries. It remains fully committed to supporting the two fields as they continue to grow.
Profile of new company
Name                 : SCREEN FT Changshu Co., Ltd.
Location             : No.1 Dongnan Road, Changshu, Jiangsu, China
Incorporation      : March 31, 2018 (scheduled)
Capital               : China15 million yuan (255 million yen)
(subsidiary with 90% investment by SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co., Ltd.) 
Chief officers     : Toshio Hiroe, chairperson (adjunct)
                          Yuji Ishida, president
                          Yasumasa Shima, director (adjunct)
                          Yasuhisa Nanjo, director (adjunct)
                          Fan Wen Sheng, director (adjunct)
                          Yoshiyuki Hato, corporate auditor (adjunct) 
Personnel           : 11 members
Main activities     : Manufacturing of production equipment for the display and energy device fields