Doc. No.: NR170911E

Kyoto, Japan - September 11, 2017 - SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has finalized a decision to provide investment capital to AFI Corporation (headquarters: Kyoto, Japan; president Takaharu Enjoji) and concluded a new business partnership agreement.

AFI is a venture company working on the commercialization of devices that can detect, separate and purify cells and microorganisms rapidly with label-free analysis. It employs proprietary microfluidic and dielectrophoretic technologies that are highly innovative and unique to the company.

Using this expertise, AFI is currently working to develop evaluation and control systems for the three fields of food inspection, cell research and clinical diagnosis. Especially in the area of cell biology, it has been attracting significant attention from the market as a company that is developing cell sorters for iPS cells. These devices can be used for the advancement of regenerative medicine.

SCREEN has been promoting the life science field as a new business area and has already successfully developed and released a high-speed 3D cell scanner featuring label-free analysis in the global market. In 2016, SCREEN started to provide its image analysis algorithms to AFI for its inspection devices and the companies have been building their relationship since then.

This relationship has now strengthened further, with SCREEN deciding to invest in AFI through the acquisition of a third-party allocation of shares issued to support AFI's continuing progress in the cell and clinical research fields and switch to mass production of devices for the food inspection field. The companies have also concluded a comprehensive agreement for the formation of a business partnership targeting the development, manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of related devices and consumable products.

SCREEN intends to accelerate its business development through the creation of synergy effects with AFI in the life science field. The field offers many exciting possibilities, with demand expected to grow rapidly in areas including research related to the discovery of new drugs and quality control of live cells. Working in partnership with AFI, SCREEN hopes to contribute to the development of the life science field by responding to its various needs.
Details of investment partner
1.Company name:       AFI Corporation
2.Headquarters:         3rd Flr., Med-Pharm Collaboration Bldg., Kyoto University 46-29
                                Shimoadachi-cho, Yoshida, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
3.Representative:       Takaharu Enjoji