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Kyoto, Japan - November 19, 2018 - SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has changed the brand name of its IM series of automated visual inspection systems for in-vehicle components to Lulimo. The new name, to be used from November, is designed to further increase market recognition of these cutting-edge systems.

Lulimo brand logo

SCREEN Holdings developed its original IM-3100 automated visual inspection system for hot forging components in 2015. The pioneering system utilized the company's proprietary core image processing technologies and was specifically designed to reduce the missed defects that often occur during visual inspection of in-vehicle forged components.

Since this time, SCREEN has released the IM-3200, a successor model to the IM-3100 that has obtained full international safety certification, as well as the IM-5100, an industry-first automated visual inspection system for cold forging components. Each IM series model brought major improvements in performance and quality to the manufacturing of in-vehicle components.

To create an even stronger brand, SCREEN has now decided to change the IM series' name to Lulimo and develop a new logo. With automation requirements in inspection processes increasing worldwide, this highly distinctive name will build brand recognition and enable customers to easily identify the series.

Lulimo has been created from the Esperanto words lumo and limo, meaning light and boundary. The name embodies the key features of the series, which are its ability to use SCREEN's proprietary optical and camera systems and sophisticated comparison and inspection algorithms to precisely determine whether target components are safe or not safe for use.

SCREEN anticipates its new Lulimo brand systems will quickly become the de facto standard for automated visual inspection of in-vehicle components as demand for these items continues to grow. The company also expects to add further models to its lineup in the future, helping to drive development of the automated visual inspection field.

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