Doc. No.: HD171201E

Kyoto, Japan - December 1, 2017 - SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. has concluded a sales partnership agreement with SciPro Inc. (headquarters: New York, U.S.A.), a leading distributor of high-quality scientific instruments and components. Under the agreement, SciPro will help to bring SCREEN's innovative Cell3iMager series to the North American market. The devices provide a comprehensive support system for use in drug discovery and development, as well as cellular quality control.

The use of 3D cell culturing has expanded rapidly in the drug discovery field in both Europe and North America in recent years. Its ability to enable efficient and highly accurate observation of cancer character has quickly made it the preferred analytical method in the area. In 2013, SCREEN finalized development of its Cell3iMager high-speed 3D cell scanner. The system allows the precise measurement of cell area, diameter and pseudo volume at multiple points on a 3D culturing plate in as little as two minutes, without various reagents.

Since this time, SCREEN has also developed Cell3iMager duos, an advanced system that enables imaging and analysis of cellular morphologies in plate and 3D cultures without a reagent, and Cell3iMager Estier, which uses optical coherence tomography to allow non-invasive* 3D observation of cells and other microorganisms.

SCREEN expects the signing of the new sales partnership agreement will accelerate the supply of its Cell3iMager series to the North American market, thanks to SciPro's enhanced distribution network in the region. The agreement will underpin SCREEN's goal of becoming a leading company in the cellular imaging field, an area that continues to show strong potential for growth.

SciPro Inc.
SciPro is a leading distributor of specialty accessories and unique instruments with over 25 years experience in the North American life sciences market. The company supplies a wide range of items including microdialysis products, various monitors for oxygen, temperature and blood flow, and Baker Ruskinn physiological and physiological cell culture workstations. SciPro's stated mission is to provide optimized, high-value products, services and support that constantly exceed the expectations of its customers.

* Non-invasive techniques eliminate the potential for damaging organisms and ensure the homeostasis of their internal environment is not disturbed.