SCREEN pyramid

Founder's Motto

"Shi Kou Ten Kai" (思考展開 : meaning to “expand awareness” in Japanese)
​​​​​​​The Founder’s Motto guides the SCREEN Group’s thinking about how our technologies can help to address the issues facing society and how we can continue to create and develop products and businesses to resolve these challenges

Corporate Philosophy

"Sharing the Future"
Earning the trust and meeting the expectations of society, while focusing on the future
"Human Resource Development"
Contributing to society by promoting human resource development through work satisfaction
"The Pursuit of Technology"
Developing innovative technologies and combining them with other existing technologies

Management Grand Design

SCREEN’s vision and guideline for SCREEN Value enhancement

CSR Charter

This Charter describes the principles of action based on SCREEN’s corporate philosophy and establishes the standards for all officers and employees of the SCREEN Group to comply with pursuant to the “Code of Conduct”.
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