System of corporate Philosophy

Founder's Credo

The principles for business development of the SCREEN Group, which was established as a research and development entity

"Shi Kou Ten Kai"(思考展開)
The strong will to bravely strive for the creation of new businesses and products, constantly thinking, “How can we connect new ideas to SCREEN’s technologies and products?”, and, “Is there anything that can be done better?”

"Shi Kou Ten Kai" (志高転改)
The spirit of reform that continues to promote innovation and improvement in an age of rapid change, pursues the best results with high aspirations, and strives to further improve corporate value

" 5 S "
The slogan for SCREEN Group employees to keep in mind in the performance of their job duties

Corporate Philosophy

"Sharing the Future"
Earning the trust and meeting the expectations of society, while keeping an eye on the future
"Human Resource Development"
Developing human resource through better work
"The Pursuit of Technology"
Pursuing original technology and mixing it with existing technology

Management Grand Design

A vision of business which the SCREEN Group will develop and a long-term management plan to realize such vision based upon the motto, “Fit your needs, Fit your future”.

CSR Charter

This Charter describes the principles of action based on SCREEN’s corporate philosophy and establishes the standards for all officers and employees of the SCREEN Group to comply with pursuant to the “Code of Conduct”.

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