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Congestion analysis solutions

Our cutting-edge solutions use data captured by the built-in motion sensors in smartphones to analyze congestion levels.

This type of analysis differs significantly from approaches that use camera images and location information and does not require their vast quantities of data. Even when minimal sampling information is available, our solutions can assess congestion levels in individual streets with a high degree of accuracy.


Analysis of single individuals

With our technology, it is possible to analyze sampling information from even a single individual.

High-precision analysis

Conventional systems can only understand and analyze the number of people in specific areas, preventing them from assessing congestion in single streets. Our service is able to capture data within a 20 meter radius by utilizing a smartphone's motion sensors. This allows it to calculate congestion levels on a street by street basis.

No camera installation

Our service communicates directly with a smartphone to acquire the motion sensor data used for analysis. This approach eliminates the need to install camera networks, dramatically reducing infrastructure costs.