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ARRoute navigation

Have you ever felt confused about which direction to take when using a map?

With NAVIMICHAEL's augmented reality (AR) software development kit (SDK), anyone can intuitively find their destination. This is much more than a simple map-based display, with graphical guidance ensuring users are always on the right path. NAVIMICHAEL is also a key tool for improving customer service and increasing sales.


Easy integration

NAVIMICHAEL is provided in SDK format. This allows it to be easily embedded in different smartphone applications according to customer uses and objectives. NAVIMICHAEL makes it possible to quickly create AR-based route guidance services, significantly speeding up development.

Intuitive interface

An intuitive interface that uses camera images allows users to clearly understand their current direction and route. NAVIMICHAEL has been tested as part of a field trial of evacuation guidance systems sponsored by Kyoto City in Japan. This enabled a series of improvements that brought the software to a high level of completion. With NAVIMICHAEL, you will never be lost again.

Graphic display

NAVIMICHAEL's highly user-friendly interface has been designed to use graphic elements such as icons, arrows and lines. It is ideal for children or senior citizens and can even be used to easily give directions to overseas visitors.

Promotional opportunities

NAVIMICHAEL can also be used to display information or advertising for stores along the user's current or intended route. This feature provides developers with a wealth of value-adding opportunities beyond simple guidance services.
Please feel free to contact us for more information on standard functions and specifications.