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Wafer Pattern Inspection System ZI-3500

Wafer Pattern Inspection System ZI-3500

Platform Concept

Integrated Platform Concept

 - Supports wafer sizes from ø100 to ø300 mm

 - Supports a diverse range of wafer transport mechanisms, such as FOUP, SMIF and open cassette

 - Use of common parts offers stable supply and shorter lead times

Ellipsometric Film Thickness Measurement System System RE-3500
Spectroscopic Film Thickness Measurement System VM-3500


  1. High-speed inspection
    The ZI-3500 achieves a 50% higher throughput than the previous model, owing to SCREEN's proprietary inspection heads and high-speed image processing engine. Enjoys a high level of productivity regardless of the number or size of chips on the wafer.
  2. High-resolution support
    A high resolution of 1.0 μm has been added for even mor precise inspection. Also, lenses with different resolutions can be incorporated on the unit simultaneously, easily switchable to one of three levels for the recipe selected.
  3. User-friendly operations
    Recipes can be created in a short amount of time through simple operations. The wafer size can be changed with the flick of a switch. Also, thin wafers can be handled easily, without replacing the parts in the equipment.

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