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Single Wafer Cleaning System SU-3300

Single Wafer Cleaning System SU-3300

The continuing miniaturization and diversification of semiconductor devices increasingly requires wet cleaning systems that can prevent damage to fragile patterns while controlling microscopic particles. At the same time, these systems must also be able to deliver high productivity and stable processing that effectively reduce the cost of ownership.
SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions developed the first rotating wafer cleaning system in 1983. Over the past 30 years, we have made it our mission to optimize processing at the air-liquid interface on the wafer and further refine critical cleaning technologies. Our new SU-3300 seventh generation system inherits every aspect of this accumulated technical expertise and knowhow.
The SU-3300 can be expanded to include up to 24 chambers, giving it outstanding productivity. It also offers high processing efficiency and is equipped with cutting-edge functions that minimize variations between chambers. Together these features ensure extremely stable operation. As semiconductor production becomes increasingly demanding, SCREEN is right there with you, creating remarkable new solutions like the SU-3300.

Seven features

24 chamber configuration
World-leading productivity
Reduced collapsing of fragile patterns
thanks to new drying technology

4 level, 6 tower construction
Space-saving design featuring ultra-compact
processing chambers
Nano control nozzle
Outstanding etching uniformity with lower
chemical usage
Even higher chamber cleanness with
advanced cleaning technologies

Chemical supply under constantly
optimized conditions
Single chamber servicing
Minimal system downtime using single
chamber maintenance

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