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Direct Imaging System for Panel Level Packages DW-3000 for PLP

Direct Imaging System for Panel Level Packages DW-3000 for PLP


  1. World-leading 2.0-m high-resolution imaging
    Combining imaging heads that are equipped with our proprietary iGLV optical engine and laser control technology together with an optical system that we have developed over the years, SCREEN has realized the world's leading resolution (2 m) for a mass-produced direct imaging system. And we will continue to respond to the needs of advanced package patterning, which will become even more and more minute in the future.
  2. Automatic image correction function for the optimum exposure
    The DW-3000 has been equipped with a proprietary automatic image correction function that utilizes SCREEN's advanced print image analysis technology. Positional deviations during chip rearrangement can be read and the exposure data automatically corrected, thus enabling the optimum exposure to be achieved through the superiority of our direct imaging equipment.
  3. The world's fastest* "Quad Head Concept"
    By combining a high power laser and four imaging heads (quad heads), we have realized the world's fastest* throughput for a high-resolution, direct imaging exposure equipment. * Based on SCREEN data
  4. Suitable for large substrates for FOPLP
    The DW-3000 handles large, square substrates up to 620 mm × 650 mm, enabling wide-ranging response to FOPLP manufacture of all materials, including glass, resin and PCBs.
    ● Combination with various resist coating systems, including SCREEN's high-precision Linearcoater, is possible.

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