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Kumamoto Prefecture Japan Earthquake Influence on Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing

April 15, 2016

Doc. No.: SPE160415E


On this occasion, in the aftermath of the major earthquake which had its epicenter in Kumamoto (Kyushu Region Kumamoto Prefecture) on Apr. 14, I herein report on our company situation (including group companies) and business impact study, including investigation into the status of key component suppliers and influence on our product shipments.


1. Company Facilities and Employee Impact

We have confirmed there are no facilities damage or employee injuries at our company as well as at our two primary manufacturing locations (Hikone and Taga operations). Likewise, we have also confirmed no facilities damage or employee injuries among our group companies in Central & Northeast Japan (Kinki , Hokuriku and Tohoku Regions).


2. Crisis Management System and Continuation of Business

Immediately after the earthquake, the SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions President established Kumamoto Region Earthquake Emergency Response Team to centrally gather information, assess impact and take measures in response to the disaster situation such as:


・Safety of employees and group employees and their families
・Disaster region customer fab impact assessment and preparation of support organization
・Key supplier's manufacturing and supply chain impact resulting from disaster regions
・Screen group product supply chain and maintenance parts resources impact study


3. Key Component Suppliers Impact by Disaster in Kyushu Region

As of Friday, Apr. 15, 16:00 (Japan), we have confirmed there are no long-term component supply stoppages anticipated among our key suppliers. While recovery has begun in the disaster stricken region, our key component suppliers have cooperated in confirming there will not be significant impact on materials or parts distribution from the Kyushu Region.


4. Screen Product Shipment Status

We have confirmed as of Apr. 15, 16:00 (Japan) that there will not be any delays in our product manufacturing or scheduled shipments.





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