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Process Technology Center

The Process Technology Center is a base for cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing process and equipment research and development.
Featuring an advanced clean room dedicated to developing new manufacturing processes and equipment, as well as equipment suitable for a wide range of experiments, the Process Technology Center will make it possible for a variety of research and development supporting the establishment of next-generation processes, from small-scale experiments designed to evaluate and analyze the capabilities of new processes to mass processing of 300 mm wafers to ensure consistent process results, to take place under single roof.
The environment at the center is suitable for both process demonstrations and joint R&D efforts involving device manufacturers, consortiums, and chemical and parts manufacturers, which will help increase the speed and effi ciency in developing cutting-edge processes.
What's more, since the Process Technology Center is located next to Screen's FC-1 and FC-2 fabs for the manufacturing of semiconductor cleaning equipment, there will be a close and rapid exchange of information between R&D and production teams, which will help ensure the timely incorporation of cutting-edge technology in production equipment.

Increased cutting-edge process development speed and effi ciency

Enhanced process development capabilities

  • Suitable for cutting-edge device processes
  • Features a full complement of processing, analysis, and evaluation equipment
  • Strengthens R&D for core technologies used to create value-added products

Higher-quality, more reliable equipment

  • Smoothly links process and equipment development, and increases the stability and reliability of equipment

Rapid collaborative development

  • Enables rapid collaborative development with customers

Better communication

  • Deepens communication between process technology specialists and equipment technology specialists, for faster, more effi cient R&D

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