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Global Training Center

The Global Training Center, located at Screen's Yasu Plant, combines a wide range of functions to provide engineers with the skills demanded by the makers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
This comprehensive Training Center was created to provide customers with product maintenance training, and to offer instruction to production engineers in the Screen Group and fi eld service engineers from around the world involved in the installation, setup, and adjustment of Screen products, as well as related support activities.

The Center offers an ideal environment for this comprehensive training, from fundamental operations to advanced maintenance, covering content that includes basic knowledge, safety, and workplace etiquette, along with the practical skills that are essential to the fi eld of semiconductor manufacturing.

The goal of the Global Training Center is to further increase customer satisfaction by maximizing the performance of Screen equipment operating around the world. The three main functions of the Training Center form the human skills and services that combine to achieve this goal.

The three functions of the Global Training Center

The TTC function | Technical Training Center

This Center provides a training environment for acquiring the product knowledge and operating skills required to ensure outstanding product support, from equipment installation and handover to maintaining efficient equipment operations. A "Performance Based Equipment Training" approach has been adopted to enable trainers to evaluate whether trainees can execute equipment operations safely and correctly.

The ITC function | Intellectual Training Center

This Center provides trainees with knowledge that is essential to the maintenance and operation of semiconductor manufacturing lines. Training covers a wide range of skills and information related to semiconductor manufacturing, including safety and equipment parts, as well as the handling of chemicals, maintenance of industrial robots, and the rules of clean room operations.
The highly efficient curriculum also includes simulation training and practice, to ensure that trainees are equipped with the knowledge and abilities required of today's engineers.

The STC function | Safety Training Center

In addition to providing trainees with "Knowledge of safety," training at this Center ensures that this knowledge is embodied in "Safe work practices," with the ultimate goal of entirely eliminating accidents and injuries from the workplace.
Practical training based on service safety training recommended by SEAJ (the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan), and in accordance with SE work safety standards, fosters the ability of each trainee to foresee risks, thereby preventing accidents before they occur based on a safety-oriented stance and safe work practices.

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