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Mission, Vision, 6 Core Values

 As of 1st October, 2014, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. succeeded the semiconductor equipment business of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. and made a new start as a business company specializing in semiconductor production equipment.  
At the beginning of this start, we formed Mission, Vision and 6 Core Values all workers of SE Group sharing here as a Corporate Philosophy.


Corporate philosophy



 Shape the Bright Future for Society and Employees as a Result of Our Contribution to the Customers




 To be a Company Recognized for Operational Excellence



6 Core Values
  Earn customer loyalty by delivering results beyond our customer's expectations

 Commitment & Accountability
  Be accountable for delivering on your commitments

  Everyone has responsibility to be proactive and take initiative

  Continuously improve upon quality of the work you deliver everyday

  Create new value and new satisfaction for the customer:
  Be creative to make the impossible possible

 Great place to work
  Strive for professional and personal growth in an enjoyable work environment

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