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Company Profile

Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd.Tsuneo Baba,
Representative Director
President and Corporate Officer

Providing Solutions to Growing Markets

SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. encompasses the graphic arts equipment business, which provides a range of equipment and services for use in printing processes, and the PCB-related equipment business, which provides equipment and services for manufacturing printed circuit boards for mounting and wiring electronic components.

In Graphic Arts Equipment, while continuing efforts to enhance the product line-up of POD equipment for small-lot, short-delivery printing, we are also focusing on POD equipment for non-paper printing. In addition to sales of equipment, we are seeking to expand ancillary businesses, namely, customer support services and sales of consumable (such as ink), in order to reinforce a cycle of recurring revenue.

In PCB-Related Equipment, we plan to launch highly cost-competitive direct imaging systems for low-cost smartphones, tablet devices, and automotive circuits. Furthermore, we are developing a new model of Inspection Equipment. In the future, we will provide solutions for process improvement by Exposure System and Inspection system in combination.

Leveraging on our strength in direct imaging and image processing, we will continue to provide optimal solutions to customers in the printing and PCB industries.

We look forward to your continued support into the future.

Main Field and Products

  • Full-Color Variable Printing System

  • Thermal Plate Recorder

  • Direct Imaging System

  • Automatic Optical Inspection System / Automatic Final Visual Inspection System

Company Profile

Company name

SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd.

Registered head office Tenjinkita-machi 1-1,Teranouchi-agaru 4-chome, Horikawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
Established May 7, 2014
Representative Tsuneo Baba,
Representative Director
President and Corporate Officer
Capitalization 100 million Yen
Main Fields of Business Graphic arts equipment, and PCB-related equipment business

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