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Nozzle Printer NP-200G/300G

Nozzle Printer NP-200G/300G

This equipment is able to apply microscopic line patterns by jetting fluid from the nozzles in a columnar shape.
As the nozzles move at a high speed of up to 4.5 m/s, the flow per unit area can be microminiaturized and thin film formation is possible on a nano-order level.


  1. Handles a greater range of fluids than an inkjet printer and generates no satellites.
  2. Delivers outstanding film thickness uniformity at less than ±1.5% flow uniformity.
  3. Testing with the NP-200G/300G is possible with as little as 20 cc (10-cc pipe capacity) of coating material.
  4. Handles microscopic patterns of tens of micrometers in width all the way to full surface coating.

R&D to mass production

Supports mass-production of various substrate sizes up to a maximum of 2,200 x 2,500 mm.


 Model name
 Printing method
Nozzle printing (SCREEN original)
 Substrate type
glass, resin, film, metal foil, etc.
 Substrate size
Max. W200 x L200 mm
Max. W300 x L350 mm
 Nozzle transfer speed
Max. 4.5m/sec.
 Nozzle dispense width:
min. tens of microns
 Printing film thickness
tens of nm to several microns

1,100 x 1,500 x 2,000 mm

1,100 x 1,500 x 2,200 mm
Printing pattern


※NP-200G: single nozzle,

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