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Responsibility to Employees

One of our most important priorities is to promote workplace health and safety, and we strive to provide a workplace that enables diverse employees to maximize their potential. 


Occupational Health and Safety

Promoting Worker Health and Safety Globally

All SCREEN Group companies in Japan conduct initiatives based on the Group’s OHSAS 18001-compliant Occupational Health and Safety Management System. These activities include assessing risks, executing preemptive health and safety reviews, inspecting heavy load operations, and enhancing training for operators and supervisors with limited experience. We are reinforcing our occupational health and safety management activities overseas, as well.

For GV 21, Phase III, we are working toward goals related to globally eliminating accidents leading to lost work and implementing a new health management system.




AED Usage Lessons

We carried out drills based on a scenario in which someone has received an electric shock. These included training on the usage of an AED to revive an electric shock victim..



Initiatives on Mental Health

The SCREEN Group works to ensure that all employees, including those stationed overseas, receive health check-ups. We have achieved a 100% check-up rate for Group employees in Japan. In order to achieve the same target among overseas employees, we have created health check- up plans and send check-up reminders to employees on a regular basis.
For mental health management, in fiscal 2010 the Group introduced stress management check tests based on a workplace stress survey created by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to promote self-care. In fiscal 2011, the use of these tests was expanded from employees in Japan to include employees stationed overseas. We also comply with the stress check system requirements introduced by the Japanese government in December 2015. We provide individual support and counseling for high-risk employees (such as those who work long hours, have recently joined the Group, have recently transferred between divisions, or work in high-risk divisions) who are considered likely to need care or guidance. These services are administered by occupational health nurses, industrial physicians and external employee assistance programs. By offering a range of support, the Group aims to prevent mental health problems and create a vibrant workplace for all employees.
Since fiscal 2011, occupational health nurses interview employees as a part of their regular health check-ups to evaluate their mental health. The Group also has in place a reintegration program designed to help employees on leave due to mental health issues quickly recover and return to work and prevent the need for additional leave after their return.


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Employment and Remuneration

The SCREEN Group respects fundamental human rights and strives to ensure hiring free of discrimination based on race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, age, physical or mental disability, or genetic traits.
The Group uses compensation that reflects individual contributions and corporate performance to reward employees who exercise their abilities to the fullest and engage ambitiously with their work. This system is predicated on a firm commitment to discrimination-free remuneration and compliance with the remuneration-related laws of each country.


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Human Resource Evaluation and Development

The SCREEN Group believes that people are the foundation of successful business. We therefore apply a long-term perspective to implement frameworks and measures aimed at helping each individual grow and systematically developing diverse human resources. We use fair and reasonable evaluations based on job roles to create frameworks that allow individuals and the SCREEN Group to grow together.
For example, we offer opportunities for junior employees to take graduate courses, work temporarily in research institutions in fields outside their specialty, or receive structured technical training. Through these and other efforts, we seek to cultivate broad perspectives and to pass on the engineering mindset to our younger employees.


Planning Capacity Development Courses

The Company supports the development of its employees’ abilities with a role-based level-specific development program, encouraging personnel to proactively pursue new challenges that will lead to professional growth. We also focus on training engineers. We offer opportunities for younger employees to work temporarily at universities or research institutions in fields outside their specialty and seek to provide well-planned training for engineers, aiming to cultivate an engineering mindset. Throughout the Group, we provide a host of announcement and award opportunities, one of these being Frontier Gate, a technology presentation meeting.



Reinforcing Globally Oriented Recruitment and Skills Development

Business activities overseas are becoming ever more important. We are therefore working to recruit and train globally oriented individuals and facilitate the global exchange of people in our workplaces.



 Main Initiatives
    ■Overseas training/study abroad
     ・Study abroad at business and law schools in the United States (Columbia University, UCLA and others)
      Short-term assignment to overseas group companies
     ・Short-term assignment to overseas group companies
    ■Assigning young researchers to overseas research institutions
     ・IMEC, Stanford University, and others
    ■Training to improve foreign language skills (with specific instruction for different positions, skills levels and goals)
    ■Encouraging temporary transfers of employees from overseas Group companies to Japan
    ■Accepting students studying abroad in Japan as interns


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Respecting Diversity

SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. and major subsidiaries work to nurture and actively utilize diverse human resources.
The Group is aggressively working to hire women and students from overseas as regular employees. Among the new graduates joining SCREEN Holdings and major subsidiaries in April 2016, 17.5% were women. The Group is working toward a target of 20% for fiscal 2017.
Furthermore, we restructured our system for rehiring retirees in February 2016. By increasing working options, we are striving to create opportunities for skilled human resources who have passed the standard retirement age to continue to contribute to the Group.


Promoting Work-Life Balance

SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. and its major subsidiaries strive to maintain an environment that fosters individuality among their personnel and allows employees to fully utilize their talents regardless of changes accompanying different life stages.

One measure to this end is the establishment of multiple career tracks. In April 2015, we created an option within the professional career track allowing those who are unable to relocate due to family concerns to work within a defined area.

To provide additional support to employees striving to satisfy both work and family responsibilities, we have introduced subsidies, including daycare cost coverage, for employees who have recently returned to the workplace after taking time off to have children, as well as online skills development programs for employees on childrearing leave. Also, in an effort to increase work style options and create a more employee-friendly environment, in April 2016, we introduced a system to allow employees to do some of their work from home.

During fiscal 2016, ended March 31, 2016, 10* employees used the childrearing leave program. Of the employees who finished their childrearing leave, 90% returned to work. In addition, in fiscal 2016, 44 employees took advantage of a system that permits employees who are raising children to work shorter hours.

We actively encourage employees to take paid leave. We have set up a program, called PitStop 5 Days Off, whereby those taking less than 50% of their allotted paid leave during a given year must take at least five days of consecutive leave in the following year. Furthermore, we systematically encourage employees to take regular leave by sending a reminder email to employees and their superiors every two months. During fiscal 2016, the percentage of annual paid leave taken by employees was 75.9%.


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Employee-Employer Relations

As of March 31, 2016, labor union participation at SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. and major subsidiaries stands at 97.3%.
Labor–management meetings with the labor union are held at least once a year (held four times in fiscal 2016) to discuss various issues pertaining to the working environment. Labor union members also attend Health and Safety Committee meetings, where we decide on annual occupational health and safety action plans to promote health and safety on an everyday basis.
In principle, notices of the ratification of labor-management agreements concerning hiring and work conditions are posted at least one month in advance, and regular working level negotiations are held twice a month.



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Performance Report

CSR performance report is available in the Annual Report (includes CSR Data Sheets). 


One of our most important priorities is to promote workplace health and safety, and we strive to provide a workplace that enables diverse employees to maximize their potential.

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