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Responsibility to Customers



Quality Management System

Maintenance of ISO9001 certification and Continual Improvement

All Group business operating companies as well as eleven domestic and five overseas Group companies are ISO 9001 certified. To maintain these certifications and increase customer satisfaction, we apply a quality management system that conforms to ISO 9001 to improve our products and services.


Initiatives at the Business Operating Companies

The Each of the business operating companies has established and uses a quality management policy that is updated as necessary.

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co.,Ltd.

New Design Evaluation System

Upholding a fundamental policy of providing products and services that are in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations and ensuring safe and accident-free operation, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions evaluates product safety in accordance with SEMI S2 Standards (a set of semiconductor production equipment safety guidelines), the EU Machinery Directive, and the company’s own internal standards.

In 2013, the company introduced a D-Loop (DL) project management system to manage development at each stage, including decision making, testing, and output. The system employs the Stress Strength Model (SSM)* to reinforce all Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)/Design of Experiments (DOE) processes for the ex-ante evaluation of risk at the development stage. The company has now expanded the adoption of this system to completely cover both development and engineered-to-order projects, measuring progress toward design completion using DL-Score.

Furthermore, the company is working to increase response precision and reduce lead times for major projects to increase customer satisfaction by revising its risk management workflow with the introduction of customer-centered FMEA using customer field data.




 A model in which mechanisms that could cause problems in products or processes are structurally mapped for reuse in future designs and plans.


Quality-Related Function Improvement Evaluation System

The company uses internal quality audit check sheets when conducting annual internal audits of each department. In fiscal 2015, ended March 31, 2015, the internal audits included PDCA cycle checks focused on management and processes to promote effective quality improvement initiatives. 

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SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Launching Quality Management Systems for Evolving Businesses

The Mainly through its Quality Assurance Department, which specializes in quality-related issues, this business operating company works to ensure compliance with international safety standards and provide customers with the best possible products to meet diversifying needs.

We have begun to revamp our quality assurance systems in response to further diversifying customer needs and internationalization to assure product reliability over the long term. Specifically, we have begun promoting fresh approaches to increasing customer satisfaction by improving quality through, for example, improved inspection systems. We are advancing our quality assurance initiatives toward common goals at production sites both in and outside Japan.

In March 2015, the full-fledged operation of production systems using information terminals kicked off, allowing us access to real time data about changes in quality and thus helping to improve consistency using IT.

Building on a tradition of reliability, SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions is advancing new initiatives to meet changing needs and provide products that will satisfy customers.


Our Customers’ Trusted Equipment Service Provider

This business operating company provides cutting-edge services using network and IoT technologies through TRUST Service Desk to help ensure the stable and efficient operation of Group products.

This service monitors the condition and operating status of equipment, using big data gathered from equipment to help prevent problems and even provide suggestions to help improve utilization rates. Data gathered from equipment is used only for service purposes and is transmitted and stored securely to prevent leaks.

We are also implementing a service for POD equipment that sends reports to users summarizing such information as each day’s number of jobs processed, per-job print time, materials used, output Length, and ink usage. These reports can be used to manage production and costs. Sudden, major errors are immediately reported to the company so that it can offer remote service to quickly and accurately diagnose and solve the problem. Records of such errors are shared within the service, manufacturing, and development departments so that we can provide robust, optimal care as a team.

We will continue to improve our services to enhance the experience of customers using our products.


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SCREEN Finetech Solutions Co.,Ltd.

to Emphasize QCD

The This business operating company works with other Group companies to quickly respond to changes in the operating environment by improving quality management, focusing mainly on raising quality, lowering prices, and shortening delivery times in order to provide products and services that meet customer needs.

In the flat panel display business, we are working to build an optimized overall quality management system by clarifying quality evaluation indicators for each process, improving process performance, and strengthening the links between processes.

We are also creating quality management systems in our new businesses that take into account the standards of their respective industries.

We will continue to work toward further improvement in all our business areas to ensure stable product quality.


Quality Management System Focused on Service

In November 2013, MEBACS, our Group company that already fell under the scope of the SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co.,Ltd.’s ISO 9001 certification as an associated facility, obtained the certification of its own. With a quality management system focused on service MEBACS intends to respond quickly and precisely to customer needs.


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The SCREEN Group strives to provide beneficial products and services using its proprietary technology. The Group’s products received praise and recognition from many customers in fiscal 2016. We will continue to contribute to society through our products and services.


Japan Machinery Federation Chairman's Award in the 36th Energy-Efficient Machinery Awards given by the Japan Machinery FederationTechnology that flexibly accommodates customer needs, including the development and application of technology to reduce electricity control the wevelength output level of printed circuit boards.SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd.
AwardGiven in Recognition ofRecipient
Grand Prixs in the semiconductor production equipment division of the 2015 Semiconductor of the Year awards given by Sangyo Times,inc. The highly even coating technology of the 80EX Spray Coater photoresist coating system. SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.
Improvements in cleaning equipment and achievement of coast-efficient coater/developer productivity as well as the results of cutting-edge R&D and overall equipment excellence. SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.
Wafer cleaning equipment, annealing equipment, services related to semiconductor manufacturing, and playing a leadeing role in the industry. SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.


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Performance Report

CSR performance report is available in the Annual Report. 


Initiatives at the Business Operating Companies

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