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Management Targets

Green Value 21, Phase III: Targets and Performance

Our long-term commitments under GV21, Phase III, are centered on (i) developing technologies and products that help reduce environmental impact, (ii) promoting workplace health and safety, (iii) greening and saving energy at factories and offices and (iv) establishing disaster prevention and business recovery systems.

From the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015, under the Business Continuity and EHS Policy, we will comprehensively manage the various risks to business or supply chain interruption that the Group faces, including climate change, increasingly stringent international environmental regulations, growing demand for environmentally friendly products, rising occupational safety risk when dealing with physically more massive products, more complex employee health management attendant to more diverse forms of employment, and natural disasters.


Green Value 21, Phase III  (fiscal years ending March 31, 2015 through 2017) : Targets
Key MeasureObjectiveFiscal 2017 TargetsFiscal 2016 Results
Develop technologies and
products that help reduce
environmental impact
Reduce environmental impact of our products at
customer sites
Reduce energy consumption* (including in the form of water and utility use) by 50% or more compared to fiscal year ended Mar. 31, 2010* Performance basis We are working to reduce product energy consumption at each business operating company Semiconductor coater/developer SOKUDO DUO uses 88% less energy per wafer(compared with fiscal 2013)
Increase share of sales accounted for by Green
At least 85% share of sales 3 products were newly certified as Green Products.
Green products accounted for 92% of sales
Comply with Green Procurement Standards Green procurement rate of 98% or above
(Eliminate the use of all prohibited substances; replace
substances designated as restricted substances within three
years of said designation)
All business operating companies are working to substitute prohibited and restricted substances. SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. achieved a green procurement rate of 99% or more
Promote green technology Increase the number of environment-related inventions by 30%
 or more compared with fiscal year ended Mar. 31, 2013
Achieved the goal for fiscal 2016 of a 20% or greater improvement compared with fiscal 2013
Preserve the environment and
conserve energy at factories and offices
Reduce emissions of CO2 attributable to energy use Reduce emissions per unit weight of product shipment at least
 3% compared with the baseline
Reduced CO2 emissions per unit weight of product shipment 22.5%
Reduce waste emissions Reduce emissions per unit weight of product shipment at least
 3% compared with the baseline
Emissions per unit weight of product shipment increased 18.9%
Promote environmental management Implement and promote the Green Value Award Nine Green Value Awards were awarded among eight entries (three Business Continuity and EHS Management Coordinator Awards, four encouragement prizes, and two effort prizes)
Improve management of chemicals and gases Considered the introduction of a chemical and gas management system
Promote workplace
health and safety
Eliminate incidents resulting in four or more lost workdays Zero accidents Three accidents resulting in four or more lost workdays
 Globally reduce the number of incidents leading to lost
work days
Ten or fewer such incidents (up to fi ve in Japan and fi ve
 overseas, including at customer sites)
Eleven accidents leading to lost work days (four in Japan, seven overseas)
 Reduce work time lost due to illness*
* The number of employees who lose seven or more days in a
given fi scal year (Apr. 1–Mar. 31)
Reduce by at least 10% compared with the baseline Work days lost due to illness reduced 17%
Implement thorough orderliness, cleanliness and education-related initiatives Implement improvements based on potential hazard reports 1,521 potential hazard reports
Improve emergency
response and
business recovery
Acquire certifi cation for business continuity
management system (BCMS)
Acquire ISO 22301 certifi cation (expected within 2015) Acquired ISO certification on September 1, 2014
Improve capacity to respond to and recover from
large-scale disasters
Response rate to safety confi rmation drills* of 95% or higher
* Response rate=number of respondents/number of employees solicited
 for response (within seven hours of incident)
Carried out safety confirmations four times, with a response rate of 99% or more.
Conduct practical drills once or more per year All business operating companies conducted BCM drills once or more

Note: Baseline is the three year average of the fi scal years ended March 31, 2012 through 2014.


Tregets change

We have reviewed the target in the year ended March 31, 2016 , the targets of " Introduce a health management system" and "Electric power self-suffi ciency of 10% or more", was changed to voluntary activities and management items of SCREEN Business Support Solutions, a subsidiary company. The health management system is introduced.

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