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Management Targets

Green Value 21, Phase III: Targets and Performance

Our long-term commitments under GV21, Phase III, are centered on (i) developing technologies and products that help reduce environmental impact, (ii) promoting workplace health and safety, (iii) greening and saving energy at factories and offices and (iv) establishing disaster prevention and business recovery systems.

We achieved 11 of the 15 targets of the GV21 Phase III, a three-year program that ran until March 2017. We achieved most of the targets in the areas of environmental conservation and disaster prevention / business continuity, but failed to attain* some of the targets for occupational health and safety and health management.

Green Value 21, Phase III (fiscal year ending March 31, 2015 through 2017) : Targets and Performance

Green Value 21, Phase IV: Targets

In April 2017 we began executing Phase IV of GV21. As part of this program, we have formulated a new EHS framework that is based on the “promotion of CSR management with a focus on ESG,” which is one of the pillars of our new three-year medium-term management plan. Also in April 2017, we revised the “Business Continuity and EHS Policy” to become the “SCREEN Group Environmental, Health and Safety Policy,” and we formulated and began implementing the new “Biodiversity Action Guidelines.”

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